Do Jump is Back!!

Dec 16th @ 7:30PM
Dec 17th @ 3:00PM
at the Alberta Rose Theatre

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Laughter – Love – Acrobatics – Dancing – Juggling – Music & Mayhem

DO JUMP! & 3 Leg Torso Celebrate the Season at The Alberta Rose Theatre featuring Director Robin Lane’s mash up of Classic DOJUMP holiday favorites, the music of 3 Leg Torso, and vocalist Pepe Raphael and other surprises.
For nearly forty years, DOJUMP has been creating theatrical acrobatic and aerial performances combining hilarious comedy, heart stopping beauty, virtuosity and wit.

Celebrate the Season is DO JUMP’s first Holiday show in Portland in over four years. We are excited to combine our holiday classics with 3 Leg Torso’s wildly eclectic music. 3 Leg Torso’s music is a delightful mixture of beauty and mayhem; a roller coaster ride through musical inspirations from France, Eastern Europe, Argentina, North America, and the Middle East.

Join us to be swept away by contagious whimsy as we replace gravity with levity to Celebrate the Season.

Special guests include incendiary comic and singer Pepe Raphael and world class juggler Charlie Brown. Original music composed by Courtney Von Drehle, Béla R. Balogh, Ralph Huntley and Joan Szymko.

“highly physical work that juxtaposes the lyrical with the loony, the political with the poetic. [Robin Lane & DOJUMP] reinforces a child’s sense of wonder and revives it in adults.”NewYork Times